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Inscape Column – Snow Falling – PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

The third issue of PHOTOGRAPH Magazine is now out with my latest installment of my Inscape Column – Snow Falling.

You notice it ever so slightly one morning as you take the kids to school, the dog for a walk, or during your morning run. A change. It comes in the form of cooler air, dew drops on the grass in the shadows, or even lower, longer light as that sun crests the horizon a bit later than it did yesterday.

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I Do What I Do

I gave a single day workshop a couple of weeks ago to a great group of participants in downtown Seattle. That workshop was as much of an eye-opener for them as it was for me. It was the group’s questions that not only inspired me, but had me answering some questions in my own mind about how and why I do what I do.

“We are all here to do what we are all here to do…” – The Oracle, The Matrix Reloaded.

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It’s the Scraps that Define Us

I sat in La Bicyclette, a restaurant in Carmel, California eating a salad and some hand-made, simplex, fufu pizza that some of my friends disliked whole-heartedly. I on the other hand thought the favor profiles, albeit super simple, worked for me. It was not the food that first wafted me in like the Sirens though. It was the general presentation of church and state. Actually, the lack there of. La Bicyclette is the type of place that cashed in on my marketing psyche.

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Open Image


With the announcement of our new website last week, I discussed changing directions. About taking your current status quo and trying to explore new avenues with your photography. Wonderful, right? There is a catch here though, and that is becoming open to the change. You can decide to go for it, decide you can make images in another discipline, but the bottom line is, regardless of your decision, you are going to need to become much more aware of your current surroundings in order to achieve it. And in reality, it’s not even about awareness, but a conscious effort or training even.

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The Road Trip

I am sitting here reliving my youth. It’s the same damn nightmare I remember, just different. I am driving on Interstate 84 finally headed home from a two-week long trip to Colorado. And, I am in fact twitching like a patient in a mental rehabilitation center. Is that the politically correct way to say that? If not, Lord I apologize.

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No, I am not talking about the World Wide Web or a new website I am going to launch to be a show stopper, like some of the upcoming Apple Products that were announced yesterday. I am in fact talking about photography and the image making process.

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The Wilds of Alaska Will Change You Forever

An extended version of this article was published over ten years in a magazine that is no longer in publication. It was actually only the second time I had ever been published in addition to being my second feature article. It still brings back all of those emotions.

Three weeks in Alaska changes a man’s ideals of our world and makes nature an everyday experience in his life.

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Inspiration-As Open as The Five Year Old

Late last year, I wrote a blog post over on the Outdoor Photographer Website, about losing our creativity in America. This post was based on an article that was published on Newsweek’s website. Because of that article, our daughter’s main Christmas present was an easel and full set of professional art supplies ranging from pastels to water color paints and everything in between. I guess Heather and I figured we should at least give her the opportunity to create, since we knew it isn’t happening in her school. It didn’t take long for Jade to declare this “one of her favorite presents ever”. Heather and I are still shocked, because she got a baby carriage too, and those things usually wind up much higher on the love list.

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