Jordan Manley – A Skier’s Journey Japan

I grew up watching the ski movies of Greg Stump. Greg’s movies not only highlighted amazing locations and skiing, but also contained a story line. Translation – not just containing what has been deemed in the ski films of today as ski porn. Now enter another visionary. I have known of Vancouver based photographer Jordan Manley for many years. His work inspires me on all levels. He is now bringing his still image skills to video and the latest episode of his A Skier’s Journey Series highlights his creative take on the world in the alps of Japan. Jordan is going to bring the ski film industry into a whole new era. Thank you for now inspiring me on multiple levels Jordan. Let me know what you think of his work.

Leica Crazy

Highlighting the art of craftsmanship, nobody does it better than Leica. Only $50K? A bargain at what looks like some major time spent on perfection. Thank you Leica for highlighting this how-to video for me of how your operation in Germany works. The attention to detail and the quality of the video highlight their continuing progression in the world of photography. Discover some of their amazing cameras.

Motion – New Inspiration – Breaking Bad POV

In an effort to highlight some of the films that inspire us here at the corporate headquarters, we are announcing a new weekly post entitled MOTION. All of the films can be viewed on the Jay Goodrich Photo Vimeo Channel as well. Since it is still fresh in our mind from Sunday evening, here is cut of some great POV photography from the AMC hit series Breaking Bad.