Instagram Collage by Jay Goodrich

Instagram – The Photographer’s Friend or Foe

Company History

Instagram made its inauspicious debut as an app for the iPhone on the social media circuit on October 6, 2010. It was originally created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and a short 6 months later they managed to acquire $500,000 in seed money. From there, in just a little over 2 years after the app was created, it was bought by Facebook for a measly $300 million in cash and 23 million shares of stock! Essentially a $1 billion dollar offer/deal.¹ I wish photographers could pull off that kind of growth. We could rule the galaxy…

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iPhone Reasoning Post by Jay Goodrich

9 Reasons Photographers Need to Carry an iPhone

In today’s market more and more people are heading to their mobile devices and iPhones to accomplish daily tasks. They search the internet, post to their social media, send email, share photos with their friends all on their mobile devices. As a professional photographer, I have come to rely pretty heavily myself on the iPhone in my pocket. Here are my top 9 reasons photographers need to carry an iPhone or similar handheld device. These are by no means the only reasons I have an iPhone, but they are definitely the ones that help me the most in my daily business operation.

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Why You Need to Use Lightroom Image 1

This is Why You Need to Use Lightroom

Use Lightroom because it is a non-destructive, importing, cataloging, processing, exporting, and sharing software designed as an all-inclusive platform specifically for photographers who need photo and video imaging control. It is completely integrated with most of Adobe’s additional software packages specifically, but not exclusively limited to/with Photoshop. Phew! With those two statements alone you can already begin to understand the power of this program. It allows me, the stand alone photographer, to run a photography business without the need for an army of other people managing my office and images for success. Thus, I realize more of the profits while I attempt to work less, unlike many of those whom I compete against.

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ultimate photographer gear list image

The Ultimate Photographer Gear List

Here is the ultimate photographer gear list for everyone that sends along questions about what I use. I know, I know, on the surface I easily look like a complete gear whore, but I am competing against photographers who have twice this equipment. Remember, it truly is not about the gear, it is about the vision of the photographer. If all you can afford is some piece of junk Holga from the PRC then that is what you use as your camera to create a stunning idea. And nine times out of ten, I would choose the Holga over any of this if I had the option. My clients typically want it a different way though.

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things we need to forget image

5 Things We need to Forget About as Photographers

Why 5 things we need to forget? Quite simply because I feel that all over the world too many photographers are jumping on bandwagons that truly don’t “make a photograph”, who then write about these five things and confuse the rest of us. We stress about, fight about, argue about, and write about these things tirelessly. Honestly, enough is enough. Go out and start honing your photography. Prove to me that it is not the equipment. Show me compelling imagery taken with your iPhone. Use a freaking film camera that has no motor drive, or dig out a TLR and take it in the field. Then I will truly be impressed. Even humbled.

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inscape column snow falling

Inscape Column – Snow Falling – PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

The third issue of PHOTOGRAPH Magazine is now out with my latest installment of my Inscape Column – Snow Falling.

You notice it ever so slightly one morning as you take the kids to school, the dog for a walk, or during your morning run. A change. It comes in the form of cooler air, dew drops on the grass in the shadows, or even lower, longer light as that sun crests the horizon a bit later than it did yesterday.

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do what i do image

I Do What I Do

I gave a single day workshop a couple of weeks ago to a great group of participants in downtown Seattle. That workshop was as much of an eye-opener for them as it was for me. It was the group’s questions that not only inspired me, but had me answering some questions in my own mind about how and why I do what I do.

“We are all here to do what we are all here to do…” – The Oracle, The Matrix Reloaded.

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It’s the Scraps that Define Us

I sat in La Bicyclette, a restaurant in Carmel, California eating a salad and some hand-made, simplex, fufu pizza that some of my friends disliked whole-heartedly. I on the other hand thought the favor profiles, albeit super simple, worked for me. It was not the food that first wafted me in like the Sirens though. It was the general presentation of church and state. Actually, the lack there of. La Bicyclette is the type of place that cashed in on my marketing psyche.

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