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5 Films that You Need to Watch as a Photographer

What truly inspires you? And don’t travel down the route of other photographers and photography. This is the obvious and easy answer – as photographers we are ALL inspired by other photographers and photography. There are thousands of other disciplines, activities, and hobbies out there that can change the way we see the world. The two things that get my engines roaring (other than a monster mocha) are modern paintings and film. I am not talking about the undisputed classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, I am talking about the likes of The Matrix, The Shawshank Redemption, and Apocalypse Now. Contemporary films that make you think, scare you with the possibilities, or change your perspective on a controversial issue. Now, without putting links/trailers into this post of my favorite full length feature films, I think these Five films about photography, by photographers, and related to photography are absolutely perfect to get you thinking, inspired, and ready to possibly discover another avenue for your work. I promise they are worth using up your lunch hour to watch…

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White Noise

Have you ever heard of a Holga? Or Lomography? The Holga might go down in history as the biggest piece of shit plastic camera ever produced. And it was made in and for the country who is notorious for producing cheap crap replicas of reality – China. At the same time though, they produce pure perfection like the Mac Book Air I am typing this post on.

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In the End What Will You be Known For?

I have witnessed some major changes in photography throughout my career. I remember the days when you had no choice but to get the shot in the camera. If you missed, that was it, the scene was history. You took a chance every day that you set out on an assignment or a project with the film that you chose, the lenses that you carried, and all of the miscellaneous gear that you brought to accompany your specific mission. Now you have more options than ever. You have choices. “A little bit of variety.”–Natural Born Killers. You can create black and white images after the fact. You can process images as if they were shot with a Lomo camera. Even cross process or bleach bypass an image with a click of your mouse.

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