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Highlighting Some New Projects

Welcome to the Matrix

This week we are taking a quick break to highlight some of the amazing projects we have been working on. The past couple of weeks have had me producing a bunch of new contracted commercial and editorial work. We have two new editorial projects in the works for Dirt Rag Magazine. The first is a photo essay on mountain biking connected to quotes from the movie The Matrix. The images are following translated meanings of the movie quotes and the images are then reminiscent of the color toning of the movie itself.

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My Best Photos of 2014

2014 was one of those years where I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I am not talking about one of those old rickety wood things from the 60’s. I am talking about the new ones, the ones that are designed by retired NASA engineers that pull 4g.s and are made of more steel than what’s in a miscellaneous scrap yard in the desert outside of Vegas. The edit for My Best Photos of 2014 began with a look at 28,174 selects from this past year. Then came tears. Pain. Suffering. Success. Failure. Pleasure. Cold. Warmth. Vomit. Diarrhea. And bug bites. Lots of freakin’ bug bites.

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Gum Wall Window Drip Seattle by Jay Goodrich

My Best Photos of 2013

My Best Photos of 2013 began with a look at 56,721 selects from this past year. I think it is safe to say that I shot a LOT of photos in the past 12 months. Out of those selects I narrowed my image selection down to 100, had my wife further refine the collection down to 50, with the final goal being 13. 13 images that would represent an entire year of assignments, commercial contracts, and travel. And then I hit a speed bump. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t meet my goal of 13. Through struggle, deletion, careful thought and consideration I got my best photos of 2013 down to 18 then added 2 back in – hey this is my blog and I can do what I want, when I want.

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Moving Forward from Back to Forward Again

I don’t think it is that often that we (the human race) reflect back on our past. It is typically a motion that we try to forget because, for the most part, you cannot change the past. Right? In just about every case I can think of this statement holds true.

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Speed Freaking Photographing

I met and began photographing Owen not too long after I moved to Washington. He was the ski school instructor at Mount Baker Ski Area that my daughter Jade gravitated to on her first day of non-dad lessons. He was responsible for getting my well-opinionated daughter to listen and actually make turns while hauling ass over snow. I remember the first day we shot skiing photos together and I remember the first day he schooled me on the art of downhill mountain biking like it was this morning. I have seen him injure himself every season that I have known him. And if there is anyone out there that is a testament to the human’s ability to heal it is definitely Owen.

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Where in the World…Traveling

Well it is safe to say I have been residing on a skewed line to reality lately. On a travel binge. Shooting some of the best things in the world. Working hard. Traveling non-stop. Getting ready to throw hand grenade after hand grenade of announcements to the world. I haven’t been on this blog because I have been on another one. One you have never heard of, but still know very well.

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A Midday Sun Battle

There are many that believe you can only create a superb image at the edges of the day. The reality is, that even during the long days of summer, during midday sun, you can come up with creative ways of expressing your vision. Weather and schedules don’t always collide to provide you with the best situations. Sometimes you have to make it collide. You have to make your vision come through.

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Some of the best mistakes in life come completely by accident. Kids, jobs, clients, and even education. If we are to truly learn from our mistakes we shouldn’t repeat them right? It’s the repetition portion that seems to be the hardest part of the equation to strive away from. Once we make that discovery though, our life, mission, and careers take on a building block mentality that allows us to reach the pinnacle of our existence.

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Adventure is Most Definitely a Journey

Or is the journey an adventure? I think the two are so interconnected and interrelated that you cannot have one without the other. I have been living an adventure for a very long time now and it is has definitely been a journey. An experience. Life like in all respects. There are those sayings–Life is like a journey…With age comes wisdom…etc. Full of twists, turns, ascents, and descents.

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Well–We’re Back in the Plane–Again

Hawaii in November equals RAIN. Then, more rain. And then, some more rain. What most people don’t understand is that the island of Hawaii has two massive volcanos that rise over thirteen thousand feet bisecting the landmass and thus bisecting the weather.  These peaks are so high that in “man bar speak” they would be classified as fourteeners.

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