Lightroom CC Screen Shot 1

Best New Features of Lightroom CC

Last week Adobe released its newest version of Lightroom; it is now known as Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 depending on how you purchase the software. Lightroom CC is available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud and will continuously be updated from now and into the foreseeable future. If you decide the Creative Cloud isn’t for you, you can still purchase Lightroom 6 in software box form from a reseller like B and H Photo Video. The downside to this purchase method, however, is that Adobe doesn’t have plans at this point to update the non-cloud version down the road. This is pretty much the key decision you’ll need to make as to the direction you think your needs will take you regarding your photo editing software. We have had our entire office on the Creative Cloud for close to two years at this point, and have zero complaints with the ease of keeping everything up to date.

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Canon 1DX Image

Field Testing the Canon 1DX

I know everyone out there is waiting in anticipation to see the noise levels on the image files for the Canon 1DX, but I need to set some ground rules so you understand where this test comes from. I am not a testing lab like DxO Mark. Nor am I going to shoot images of trinkets and do-dads on a gridded platform in a controlled environment. All of those tests as far as I am concerned, are useless.

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Goodbye Drobo and Hello to Thunderbolt

Last year I wrote about storage issues that my office was facing. At the time, making decisions on how to approach the problem wasn’t a simple task. Recently, a new issue arose. A much graver one. The complete demise of our main workhorse computer – a five year old Mac Pro. At the time it was purchased it was a beast, the best we could get. It screamed…Like a Lambo on the TV show Top Gear. In the last few weeks though, it just decided its time was up. The slow down. High Speed Racer to needing a walker to bed ridden in mere days. What was happening and could we survive this next issue? More importantly could our bank account?

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Field Testing the New Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom

There are people out there who completely despise the fisheye lens. They feel that the world should have a straight and perfect horizon. In some situations they are completely right, I on the other hand fell in love with the fisheye many, many years ago. On a whim I went out and bought Canon’s 15mm f2.8 Fisheye. I now use this lens on almost every adventure sports shoot I do and now I am totally excited to see what the new Canon 8-15mm Fisheye can do. Once you learn to use it properly, its distortion characteristics can make a small cliff jump look huge, a not-so-steep line look death defying, and totally curve your surroundings if you choose.

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drobo image

These are the Droids You are Looking For

Over the course of the last two months of my life I have been staring down a growing problem in my office. My 2-2TB hard-drive system that was storing my seventy thousand digital image collection was sending a few warning shots across my bow. “Danger Jay, capacity almost full.” It all began with a little orange light on the main drive icon in Lightroom which quickly migrated to a red light. It was the light of inevitability. Something needed to be done. What I quickly came to discover is that there is somewhat of a void in the middle storage capacity offerings. There are a ton of options in the 2-4TB realm and a ton after the 10TB realm (with a huge cost difference) but not much in the 4-10TB zone. I knew that I could have just added more drives, but the reality of backing up, security, and expandability all needed to fit the current needs of a growing office and image catalog.

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Photoshop CS5 – Spot Healing Brush Tool – Welcome Back from the Darkside

Continuing my exploration of Adobe’s new CS5 Master Collection from a recent first post of ours, I have discovered a newly reinvented friend in Photoshop CS5. The Spot Healing Brush Tool has, up until now, never been my favorite tool to fix and remove dust, branches, etc. from an image. It just never seemed to get it right, unless I was using it to clone dust out of a clear blue sky. Now Adobe has brought this tool back from the “Darkside” and in the process made my job of cloning things out of an image almost too easy. If you roll over the above image you will see what I am talking about. In the past cleaning up an image like the above one would have taken hours and the use of multiple tools and possibly layers to get everything right. This morning it was about a 15 minute project and the new image looks almost perfect.

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aperture comparison image

Aperture 3 – a Quick Personal Comparison to Lightroom

For starters, I feel that I need to qualify this review with a little bit of my history with Apple Computers and Aperture software. I bought my first Mac over 20 years ago and have been using them exclusively as my publishing platform since. My standard saying is, “You can have my Mac when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.” I purchased Aperture 1 on the day that it was available and haven’t used it since Adobe released Lightroom, I found that Lightroom was better integrated with Photoshop for the way that I worked on my images. I know that the issues I had with the first version of Aperture have since been resolved from reading other people’s reviews; so with the release of Aperture 3, I felt a strong urge to give my “until death do us part” hardware company another shot with their software. I have spent a total of about 8 hours working in Aperture 3 prior to creating this review. I loaded it into a 2 year old Mac Pro, with OS 10.5.8, 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, and 8 GBs of ram.

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iphone image

You need and iPhone!

By now you have probably heard everything under the sun about the new iPhone. I can tell you that I did purchase one the second day that they were available from one of the Apple Stores in Denver and I have yet to be disappointed. Yes, all my friends will say that I am the most biased Apple fanatic that they know, and this is probably a correct description, but this does not go without justification. I have owned Apple products for more than twenty years and in that time frame honestly have only had two issues with their equipment not caused by myself, the end user. In my current G5 I had a hard drive fail and my first iPhone had something go wrong with the speaker. In both instances, Apple’s customer service took care of both issues the way I would expect them too, with zero headache for me. This is why I have been an Apple user for so long-they have it together. Enough of my history though, let’s get to the main subject of this article, which is the hailed iPhone.

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