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Tree Whore

There are millions of fetishes out there. Sexual. Professional. Libational. Nutritional. We humans all have our weaknesses. Hell, I even heard of woman who is obsessed with drinking gasoline. Gasoline? Every day is a learning experience I guess. My first encounter with a tree was when I was about five.

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Ahhhh, Mondays

Before you ask why the heck is this coming on Wednesday, well I don’t know, I try to make one post, every week, on Wednesday. So there! This is my blog and I do what I want. Most of the time. Sometimes. I have handlers you know. I did write it on Monday though.

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Eyes Wide Shut

There are photographers, who are friends of mine, who feel the need to classify themselves as one type of photographer or the other. I often wonder why? Is it some kind of foot stomping justification? I only shoot landscapes. I only shoot weddings. Does the photographic world truly believe that by shooting only one subject that you then can be classified as an expert in that area?

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Getting Lost in Bisti

I have navigated through Denali National Park for 10 days and maintained my whereabouts. I have flown multiple aircraft across most of the United States and arrived at my destination without fail. This past weekend was a different for some reason, maybe some weird star was misaligned in the universe. I managed to visit a place that has been on my list for over a decade. A place I have researched and read about since then. I listened to all of the warnings and all of the advice. I brought plenty of water, the map I found online, the directions I found online, and my Brother-in-Law’s GPS, which happens to be the same GPS that I own. And what happened, that’s right, I GOT LOST!

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